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December 2021-Jan 2022 Uganda Visit

VOCFINU took a trip to visit Uganda for one month from December 2021- January 2022. During our trip:

  • 150 young girls received sponsorship for their education

  • 60 young girls were enrolled in bakery training

  • 60 young girls were enrolled in training for tailoring

  • We currently have 20 sewing machines

  • We provided medical assistance to the young girls under VOCFINU through medical doctors in Gulu, Uganda

  • We started a Microfinance loan program for women in need in Paminyai village in Gulu, Uganda.

VOCFINU Provides medical support to the community by providing affordable health services. Patients are very poor; we offer mother and children care, pap smears, STI testing, and bloodwork. We provide counseling services for the girls

When we started teaching tailoring, we did so without a roof. With some financing, our women and girls now have a roof over their head!

These are the lucky girls and women empowered by donors to join boarding in primary school for the first time in their lives. More girls are on the waiting list and with your generosity, we can empower more women and girls to complete their education! If you would like to meet our women and girls, you can click here.

That was our trip for the closing of 2021. Thank you for your donations, it is because of generous individuals like you reading this that we are able to continue on our path to rebuilding a sustainable, equal, and brighter future. To receive our updates as they happen, sign up to our newsletter! Until we meet again, Voices Of Children's Faith In Northern Uganda

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