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Voices of Children's Faith in Northern Uganda

My name is Alice Lamunu. I am the founder and executive director of Voices of Children’s Faith in Northern Uganda. VOCFINU helps young girls and women who have been caught in extreme poverty in rural communities in Northern Uganda.

Traditionally girls are excluded from education and expected to do child labor or to have child marriage at age 13, 14, 15 years old. VOCFINU offers valuable opportunities for education and vocational training for these girls and young women to have a better life.

Providing Opportunity

Since 2012 I have provided education for over 40 girls by paying for their yearly tuition and boarding fees. In 2019, I started the non-profit organization Voices For Children's Faith in Northern Uganda to provide education and opportunities to the underserved girls and young women in rural Northern Uganda. I believe that together we can create opportunities and change lives.

We pay all fees for boarding school from 1st grade through university, whatever is needed while the girls are enrolled. Without the support from sponsors and VOCFINU these girls would not receive education. We are in great need of sponsorship commitment to provide the financial support to the girls on the waiting list to enroll in schooling.

VOCFINU focuses resources on providing vocational training for many young child mothers who support themselves and their children. By teaching them skills in trades like culinary arts, they earn money to provide for their families. VOCFINU is planning to further support the community by building a training center. We are building this new community center brick-by-brick. The new space will open up even more opportunities as we expand our efforts in rural Northern Uganda.

Making a significant change for girls & women in Northern Uganda

Join me on this journey to provide education and training to 250 girls and young mothers in Northern Uganda. Your contribution provides life changing opportunities where it is needed most. Thank you.

Click below to get involved and donate to VOCFINU's mission.


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