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Your support to empower a girl through education will:


Help her to Graduate:  The high cost of education prevents the most marginalized girls from getting an education. Eliminating school fees and offsetting indirect costs of girls' schooling will help to increase enrolment and keep girls in school in Uganda.  


Help to End Child Marriage: Early marriage often prevents girls from continuing their education and realizing their full potential. 12 years of education for every girl would result in a 64% drop in child marriage. Secondary education also helps to prevent early pregnancy.


Empower a Girl to Become Financially Independent:  Girls’ education strengthens economies and creates jobs.  Educated girls, means more working women to break the cycle of poverty and to create thriving communities.


End Gender Bias: Long-held misconceptions and cultural norms can keep girls from reaching their full potential.  Education is the ultimate equalizer.  


Create Healthy Communities: Uneducated girls are more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancy and other health complications.  Educated girls are less likely to marry young or contract HIV  — and more likely to have healthy, educated children. Each additional year of school a girl completes cuts both infant mortality and child marriage rates.


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