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Having to choose who to empower is heart wrenching. We completely understand. If you could, you probably would help them all, wouldn’t you? We’ve taken that burden off of your shoulders. Make a monthly donation and we’ll be sure to put it to good use.

About Us

Vocfinu provides 11-year-long educational scholarships for women & girls living in rural Uganda.

Our mission is to advocate for economic, cultural, and social development for disadvantaged girls, women, and children in Northern Uganda. We carry out this mission through an integrated, holistic commitment to personal transformation with a primary focus on educational sponsorship, vocational training skills, and partnerships with local schools and community organizations.

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Our Mission

To transform the communities through empowerment in education, health, livelihoods, human and advocacy for the girl child, persons with disabilities, youth, and poor women.


Empower a girl or woman

By providing educational opportunities and job-skills training in our bakery, we’re creating a new economic reality for rural life in Northern Uganda.


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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

VOCFINU Received an Award

December 2021-Jan 2022 Uganda Visit

Board Of Trustees


Alice Lamunu

President and Founder

Christine Acomo

MD (Managing Director)

Margaret Annoh


Fiona Okot


Vocational Skills Training

Vulnerable child mothers in skills training culinary arts, cooking and catering
Launch the women’s Empowerment center.

Classes in knitting, embroidery
and sewing.

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Children and women are the most affected categories of people by the violent insurgency and its effects in Northern Uganda which pitted the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) rebels fighting with Uganda Government troops from 1986 to 2006..